caroline coventry

Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Brown
City:London/ edinburgh
Experience Details:
I have been acting amature and professionaly since a very young age and have always attended drama classes. Whilst at the University of Edinburgh I was a memeber of their theatre company and was in numerous productions,I have also had productions shown in the Edinburgh festival. When I left university I had a part in a short film and then went on to Adam Smith College to study theatre arts and performance which I completed in June 2007. Since my completion of my acting course I played the part of Sofya in Wild Honey a Chekov play by Micheal Fryan with EGTC. This run has just finished.


I attended the Royal Academy of Dance from the age of 3 to 17 where I majored in ballet, but other classes included jazz, tap, character and modern. I have also attened Latin American dance classes and have gone on to teach salsa and perform in some competitions. I recently had a job as a dancer for Absolute Vodka for a promotion they were doing.

I have been working in promotions for 6 years and have covered a wide range of different types from leafleting and sampling to modeling and acting. I have been involved in sales and hospitality and events and am more often than not a team leader/ event manager.