Laura Jane Hartley

Hair Color:Auburn
Eye Color:Brown
Experience Details:Im a very smiley individual! Im efficent and put 100% effort in to anything i do. Im fun, confident and reliable. I ensure i always research everything im involved in so i know what im talking about! I believe I can learn anything and I want to be challenged. I want to try different things and i'm not afraid to climb a mountain or put a wardrobe together! My DIY is quite good actually as is my sewing, I have a range of skills and i would love to put more of them to use! So come on challenge me!!

Currenting presenting on Chorley fm:
which includes me reading live weather, traffice and travle reports, reporting on local issues, preparing a playlist, writing competitions, interviewing people. I am covering Blackpool Pride for them this year where i will interviewing the preformers as well as the crowd.

July-September 2007 Your Night On TV - Men & Motors
I presented this show from various nightclubs and bars around the North west and north east of the UK. I had to bring clubbers to the "Confessions Corner" and interview them about their night, who they had their eye on and what was the wildest things they had done in their past. I had to heavily rely on my interviewing skills and catch the attention of the nightclub. I had to take charge of the interview and steer people away from being unsuitable for television. Also presented on stage for each club a competitions which were varied in each nightclub varying from a pie eating competition in club icon in Bolton to a Dancing competition in Squires in Preston.

Presenting on Vodcast City
A pilot tv series about the lastest podcasts. Reading a Auto queue the news reported where I gave an update on the newest podcasts available.

Presenting on Watch me Tv
I present on the live and intereactive show where viewers send in their clips of them doing anything from dancing and singing to skateboarding most are funny! The viewers can text/call in the show with their views on each clip as the vote for their favourite.
This is mainly auto-queue pre scripted show but the presting is live. I really enjoy this.
Also virtual present for Vodafones website advertising new blackberry storm.
Interview on Channel M
Show for MTV - "You're not all that!”-Jan release
Live on Soap Star Superstar extra 11/01/2006
On Soccer night on itv1 on 26/01/2006
Advert for Test Drive My girlfriend April 1st-7th
ITV "Test drive my girlfriend" -may. 06
Extra in Dream Team playing footballers wife x6
Played a ring girl in the film Gomez
Breast cancer awareness documentary for itv2
Presenting now for your night on TV for men and motors
Top Gear positioned Audience 23/07/06
Malia for trust me im a holiday rep sep06
Playing ring girl for new boxing show CREDITS for channel M AIRED 14/10/06
K2's Music video
Pepsi Advert extra.
Tonight with Trevor MacDonald debate on Muslim Nicab 16/10/06
Itv2 playdate with day in the life of footage of me and Summer 23/10/06 x 2
new season dream team WAG aired Jan 2007 – various roles walk on 2 over 2 months.
Advert for phone company.-Pretending to talk on the phone lay on a couch..
MTV Documentary the truth about boys and girls aired in feb07 –interview in the cloud 9 bar in the Hilton Manchester
The Colin and Justin show – redecorated my living room.
Sex and the Naughties for Channel 4 –Did the reconstructions for meeting of the internet dating girl playing ruby.
Text chat adverts aired in E4,Channel 4 etc.
Presenting on Watch me TV where viewer sent in their clips of pranks and children singing etc and i encouraged viewers to vote for their favourites.
Presenting for galleon productions website and galleon studios regually
Wake up call - short film about the dangers of alcohol and drugs playing Laura
Agent:Mimo Models Universal Models Masquerade management