Tricia Stewart

Hair Color:Auburn
Eye Color:Grey Blue
Experience Details:Showreel:

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Skills :
Accents & Dialects: Scotland-Standard*, RP, Central Scotland, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Cockney, Essex, American-Standard, American-Southern
(* = native)
Singing Range: Soprano (with strong belt/mix) -
A below middle C - A above 2nd Octave (Super) C
Other Skills: Stage Combat, Improvisation, Story-Telling, Computer Literate
Training: The Actor Works Post-Graduate Acting (2008-2009)

Film & TV - Recent Credits
2010, TV, Hospital Life: 'Breast Lady', Lee Nelson's Well Good Show, Avalon (for BBC3), Adam Wimpenny
2010, Feature Film, Nicky, Pub Crawl, 555 Films, Henry McGeough
2010, Mini-Feature, Gina, Crushing Butterflies, Thee & Me Productions, John Owen
2010, Short Film, Miriam (hostage), The Sunny Side of The Street, Yorkshire Gritter Productions, Adam Dawson
2010, Short Film, Cathy, Cathy's Mistake, Film Creative, Nisrina
2010, Short Film, Maxine, Impromptu, University of Sussex, Rafael Riberio
2010, Short Film, Emily, Disbalancing, Off The Record Films, Michael Newton
2010, Short Film, The Woman With The Sudoku, The People I Never Knew, John Lee
2009, Short Film, Fran, Mistake On A Plane, Westminster University, Morgan Seon
2009, Short Film, Young Woman, The Restaurant Scene, BBC Film Club
2009, Short Film, Rose, Suicide Prevention, Richmond University, Caleb Mikenas
2009, Short Film, Joanne, Corners, A Likely Story Productions, Jonathan Jones
2009, Short Film, Kylie, In The Land of Nod, Emilie Herbert
2009, Short Film, Helen, Timeout, London Film Academy, Rahel Becker
2009, Short Film, Mary, Scary Stairs, Independent, Pawan Gupta
2009, Short Film, Ashley, Gender, The Actor Works, Nigel Douglas
2009, Short Film, Hard-Nosed Business Woman, Cryptomnesia, Met Film School, Pete Williams
2009, Short Film, Customer, Bakery, London Film Academy, Aliki Katriou
2009, TV Pilot, Drama Student, Living The Dream, Dream Chute, Spencer Leven
2009, TV Pilot, Featured Drunk Faliraki Girl, The Lee Nelson Show, Avalon (For BBC3), Adam Wimpenny

Commercials & Virals - Recent Credits
2010, Viral, Lead Woman, Blu Tack (Sticky Blue Wonder Entrant), Deja Vu Productions, John Dixon.
2010, Lead Woman, Doritos (King of Ads Entrant), Pietro Pennisilico
2010, Viral, Young Woman, Kick Homophobia Out Of Football, Academy Films, Walter Stern
2010, Viral, Melody, Ila, Talenthouse Competition
2009, Viral, Midnight Runner, Nike, Keen City Productions, Dominic O'Riordan

Corporate Film - Recent Credits
2010, Corporate, Tina (Receptionist), Unconcious Bias (office drama), BDP Media, Atul Malhotra
2010, Corporate, Young Woman, Security Matters (Bupa), Twist & Shout Communications, Jim Sheilds
2009, Corporate, Vanessa, Mankind Couple Counselling Video, Martyn Sullivan

Documentaries - Recent Credits
2010, Documentary (BBC2), Artist, E Numbers - Episode One, Plum Pictures Ltd, Shawn Smith
2009, Documentary Feature, Idents, My Gift To The World: Saving Lives, Kenan Hudaverdi

Modelling (Film & Still) - Recent Credits
2009, Art Installation Film, City Listener, The People, Ian Flitman
2009, Art Installation Film, Liverpudlian Lass, Moving Portraits, Jean de Oliveira
2009, Stills Photoshoot, Project: Evening Best Test Shots, Photographer: Bee Keskin

Stage - Recent Credits
2010, Play, Stephano/Sebastian, The Tempest, The Actor Works, (Raine House), Tim Barron
2009, Musical, Charlotte, When Nobody’s Looking, Stone Built Theatre Productions (The Arts Depot), Lucille Onyema
2009, Show, Principle Vocalist, Sunday Night Live, StarEFX (Her Majesty's Theatre), Darren Lord
2009, Play, Olga, Susanna, Dyssing Monadys (The Horse), Malwina Sworczuk
2009, Play, Sandy, Rabbit, The Actor Works (The Landor Theatre), Jon Bradshaw
2009, Play, Titania/Philostrate, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Actor Works (Oxford House), Richard Keith
2009, Play, Julia, Me & My Friend, The Actor Works (The Brockley Jack), Jayne Denney
2008, Play, Anna, Old Times, The Actor Works (Pacific Playhouse), Richard Keith
2008, Review, Various, Life & Death, The Actor Works (Actor Works' Studios), Tim Barron
2009, Musical, Murti & Ensemble, Zipporah, Charlie B Productions (George Wood Theatre), Kate McGreggor
2008, Musical, Mary Slessor, Mother of All The Peoples (Touring), Hame Productions, John Nimmo
2007, Musical, Mary Boyd, Five Pound & Twa Bairns (Touring), Hame Productions, John Nimmo
2007, Musical, Angie Reynolds, Sunday Mornings on Dundee Law (Byre Theatre), Hame Productions, Lynne Binnie

Vocal Recordings - Recent Credits
2009, Voice Over, Getting A Taste For It - Narrator, One Eye Grey
2009, CD, Elizabeth, The House of Flaherty, MD - Steve Kopandy
2008, CD, Mary Slessor, Mother of All the Peoples Original Cast Recording, Hame Productions, MD - Mairi Paton
2007, CD, Angie Reynolds, Sunday Mornings on Dundee Law Original Cast Single, Hame Productions, MD - Kevin Walsh
2006, CD, Mary Boyd, Five Pound & Twa Bairns Original Cast Recording, Hame Productions, MD - Mairi Paton
2007, Vocal Recording, A Surprising Day / Nowhere to Hide, Chiasmus Productions, Ville Hildén and Nicol Walsh
2008, Vocal Recording, Again, Jeni Wallwork

Other - Recent Acting Work
2009, Pre Show Actor, HellSing!, Colin Charles, Bloomsbury Theatre
2009, Rehearsed Reading, Dorothy, For Peace & The Colour Green, Angela Belli
2008, Rehearsed Reading, Jean Armour / Jenny Clow, Clarinda, Hame Productions, Mike Gibb
2008, Rehearsed Reading, As Cast, Hermless, Hame Productions, Mike Gibb
2008, Murder Mysterys, Mrs White/Mary, Cluedo/Jacobites, Herald Events, Jock Ferguson
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