Terms & Conditions

The following are terms, which you must agree to in regards to accessing our site and services.


Payment options:

Members who choose the monthly option - members agree to having £8.95 deducted from their account every month.

Members who choose the 3 month option - members agree to having £17.07 deducted from their account each 3 months.

Members who choose the 6 month option - members agree to having £23.94 deducted from their account each 6 months.

Members who choose the annual option - members agree to having £35 deducted from their account annually.

*If at any time after that you wish to terminate your membership, refunds will only be made at our discretion. We are under no obligation to refund your membership fee especially if members cancel before their next payment is due. Members are responsible for cancelling their membership and payments if they wish to do so. Members need to keep their Worldpay details in order to cancel their payments. Angel Stages does not hold responsibility for cancelling payments. Members are advised to cancel their membership a day or two before the next payment is due in order not to lose their account earlier.

* To cancel your payment please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Shopper Management System at www.rbsworldpay.com using the log in information emailed to you from RbsWorldPay.com when you paid.

  2. The Recurring Payments (FuturePay) Shopper Home page is displayed.

  3. Under the Agreement ID column, select the hypertext displaying the Agreement ID for the agreement you want to cancel.

  1. The Recurring Payments (FuturePay) Agreement Details page is displayed.

  2. Double check that the agreement on your screen is definitely the agreement you want to cancel.

  3. Select the Cancel button.


*We do not act as an agency. We provide a service where advertisers can place classified advertisements.

*When applying for castings all of your information and contact details will be forwarded onto the client.

*Member’s photos and profiles will be made public. Members can choose whether or not they wish to have their contact details made public. You agree that anyone may contact you through the site.

*Angel Stages does not hold responsibility in the accuracy of their advertisements. We are solely a third party to forward on all castings to our members. We shall not be liable under any circumstances for the actions  any role featured or published on this site. Whilst we try to verify that all opportunities posted are accurate and genuine we cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy or validity of any postings on www.angelstages.com. We are not responsible for the content, and make no warranty as to the accuracy of the advertisements. Members should always use their own judgement in deciding whether or not to apply for any of the roles advertised on this site. We provide our service only for the purposes of providing listings for casting and auditions with third party advertisers.

* We accept no responsibility for the content of any opportunity or advertisers contact information that is featured on this web site and make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding the accuracy, reliability or validity of such information. We shall not be held liable or accept and responsibility for any copyright issues.

* The jobs rest with the casting agents and are affected by the state of the
industry as a whole. We cannot guarantee that employers who view your
profile will call you in for an audition or that you will be offered the
position after audition. Those decisions rest with the casting agents.

* Angel Stages accept no responsibility for any loss .or expense, consequential or otherwise, that may be incurred as a direct or indirect result of using the facilities of the anglestages.com web site or any information contained thereon.

*Angel Stages does not hold responsibility in the accuracy of their members information. We shall not be liable under any circumstances for the actions of any member featured on this site.

*Angel Stages is not liable and will not be beld responsible for the innacuracy of testimonials featured on the site.

*We have the right to remove your profile and terminate your membership if you breach these terms and conditions or if we feel that it is appropriate to do so.

* Any information that you submit by registering your details on the site will be deemed not confidential.

*We reserve the right to increase fees and change prices at any time.

*In an event of our website being restricted or delayed we will not be liable for damages or costs during these circumstances.


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