Adam Wallace

Angel Stages are more than just an online casting company. They gave me all the advice I needed for my audition for a documentary on the Discovery Channel, this led to me appearing on The History Channel. The team here have helped me achieve so much in such a short space of time.

Aaron Carty

I found the 'Missing Andy' music video posted on Angel Stages, I went along and had a fantastic time filming the video. I was one of the main features of the video. That gave me the experience to apply for other music videos and last week I did the brand new Gabrielle music video - Every Little Teardrop. I would have never have got it, without being on Angelstages!!!! Thanks Angelstages

Alice Harding

Thanks to Angel Stages I have appeared in a music video with Girls Aloud and I also was selected for a photoshoot for wedding designer "Lola". This is definitely the best website if you are just starting out in the industry!

Olivia Cohen

Angel Stages is the most efficient casting website. I have had great success since joining the site. I am a model trying to pursue a career in acting and through being a member I have been able to network and have already had callbacks for auditions.

Lee Fountain

All the best dance and auditions are on this site. Whatever type of job you are looking for in this industry your guaranteed to find it here.

michelle hassan

I have been registered with Angel Stages for a couple of months and have had a very positive experience. I recieve emails every day about new and exciting castings which has lots of variety for all kinds of talent which i feel will make alot of people very successful, and I am. I would definitely recommend working with Angel Stages to anyone.

ernie morris

The work you advertise is very good missing out dozens of unpaid work which other well known agencies seem to offer.

gilda waugh

For myself who dosen't like to spend hours on the computer, Angel Stages is very quick and efficient. Only just joined so hoping to get something soon.

Cia Allan

I've found that so few of the casting sites ever feature paid voiceover work. Since joining Angel Stages, I've found several paid voiceover castings I could apply for. Thank you Angel Stages!

ramona armitage

Angel stages is one of the best sites I have used, within the first month I had three castings, had been shortlisted for a number of jobs and was chosen to appear on a Special K advert.

Mandy bowes

I think that Angel Stages is a great website! I have attended a few castings including one for the new face of "Anna Lou of London" and I am being considered for a small role in the film "Grid Iron". I have every faith that Angel Stages will help me to develop my career in modelling and acting.

Lisa Leonard

I was announced as the face of 'Anna Lou of London' recently and I am over the moon. Photoshoots, pressnights and possible international travel plans or trips to Asia. Really excited! I just want to say a big thank you to Angel Stages.

Tricia Stewart

I've tried and tested many casting websites, looking for the ones which have something that sets them apart from the rest. With AngelStages I see rare high-profile casting opportunities every week that otherwise I wouldn't have personal access to, giving me greater control over my career. Thanks AngelStages!

Sophie Lambert

Within two days of joining Angel Stages I received a job as an extra in the James Corden World Cup Live advert. I had never done any extra work before this. It was the most amazing experience and I am really looking forward to more jobs with AngelStages.

Rebecca Hodges

I'd like to say a big thank you to angelstages I was selected to appear in a commercial with Christiano Ronaldo, had such a fun day and looking to do more extras work!

Karlos Hunter

I have received two high profile jobs since joining the site and have been to many auditions. I now have the credentials to apply to an agency. I would just like to say a big thank you to Angel Stages.

John Wilde

I would like to thank Angel Stages for a successful 2010. I have had many modelling jobs through the site and have made some great contacts.

Bryony Mason

I've been offered various high profile jobs as a result of being a member of Angel Stages, main one being chosen by Reebok for their swim wear range.