6 Custom Bobbleheads Tips To Consider Before You Choose One!

If you are looking for a unique and memorable gift, best custom bobbleheads are one of the best methods to give someone. These handmade figures come in many shapes, sizes, and educational designs, making any individual feel like royalty. One can also find someone who can build bobble according to their needs. The receivers will defiantly love these bobbleheads.

You can also customize them according to your own choices and preferences. Many people have custom-made bobbleheads, which are generally given as gifts to family members, friends, or even employees. However, before making your custom bobblehead, consider these six tips for the most rewarding experience.

1.    Choose The Correct Body Type:

There are two main types of bodies: the old-fashioned shape and the modern shape. If you choose the old-fashioned body type, you can select either a male or a female figure. However, if you want one that is modern-looking, you can select a male figure with the same characteristics as a bobblehead. So to make the bobbleheads amazing, you should take care of body type.

2.    Shape, You Need To Consider The Size:

You need to know when you are picking out the size of your bobblehead whether it will be suitable for all individuals or particular situations only. For example, if you are looking for a gift for someone who has a large family, then it is essential to choose a bobblehead that is small enough not to get in the way. However, if the person will be wearing it on their belt or around their neck, you need to consider how big of one they want.

3.    Make Sure That The Body Is Durable:

Make sure that the body is made of a durable material and can be kept for a long time in your home. If you plan on getting one built for your children as gifts, you should choose one with a soft body. This is safe for children to wear on their clothing or near their bodies without causing some damage.

4.    Correct Bobblehead Features:

The next thing you need to do is ensure that the custom bobbleheads have a combination of the right-looking features. Some people choose ones with hair and some choose ones without them. You can also choose ones that have facial hair, beards, or glasses. Whatever you choose, the person will love how they look.

5.    Consider The Best Clothing:

If you need a gift for an adult or a teenager in your life, then you should think about choosing clothing for their bobbleheads before giving it to them as a gift. For example, if they have a favorite shirt or coat, you could find something similar for their bobblehead. This will make them feel like the features are alive and moving.

6.    Choose The Right Base:

The base on which the bobblehead stands is an essential factor. If it has a tripod base, then it will be set up in an upright position. However, if you have a bobblehead with a flat bottom and no support at the bottom, then there is a chance that it will wobble when you display it on top of something.

7.    Accessories and Props:

If you plan to send your bobblehead as a gift to someone, you should consider adding accessories and props to their bobblehead. For instance, you could put them in a box the same color as their clothes. Or you could make a stand for the bottom of the bobblehead. You can also add some accessories like hats and other props. This is another way to give the person something special they will always treasure and remember.

8.    Process Of Customization:

The most important thing you should consider is the customization of the bobblehead. Make sure you go to some custom bobble-making company and choose one of their pre-selected designs and then add anything from a simple change in color to having your face on it. You will feel more involved with the product, and any person who receives it as a gift will be overjoyed about what you have done.

In conclusion, custom bobbleheads are meant to be unique and fun for teenagers and adults alike. One can add these fantastic showpieces to their home displays. They are indeed one of the best gifts for individuals who want to show someone how much they care about them.


Can I Customize The Size Of These Bobbleheads?

These are made to order, so they will not fit all people. They can be adjusted to fit most people, but you should check with their custom bobble-making team beforehand. This is one of the main reasons that there are no specific instructions for making them.

What Type Of Material Are These Displayed On?

They are displayed on a rubber base so they will not be damaged by vibrations or impact. They have no metal parts and are not meant to be displayed on a wall as they will crack and bend over time.

Can I Get A Bobblehead Like This Without The Clothing?

If you want a plain white body, you can choose this as one of your accessories for their bobbleheads. You can also decide whether or not you like their clothing to be different from what it is on the original character if it is the same one they use for their custom bobbleheads. This will add more customization and make them more personal for the person who receives this gift.

Do They Come With All Of Their Accessories?

Yes, they come with all their accessories, such as replicas and figurines, which can be added to their clothing or displayed with other items or figures.

What About Adding More Accessories?

Custom bobble-Bodyshop has a great selection of accessories, and you can get them from the online shop. They will add more customization to these bobbleheads by getting these accessories that are not included with their designs. You could also choose to completely change the look of their bobblehead by adding additional clothing accessories, figurines, or other items in the design.