Your brand-new 10a human hair wigs comes pre-made and ready to wear when you receive it. You can put on your wig in a few minutes after giving your hair a gentle shake.

My wig is on sideways!

Why is that so?

Each style has a unique packaging strategy to save space because there are such a vast range of them.

For instance, you can discover that your wig is wrapped and turned around when you open the box.

To retain a stylish open, breezy appearance, this is done.

There are additional typical packaging techniques where the wig is folded or positioned in a particular way, such as folding, folding, inversion, and inversion.

Every technique is intended to keep the wig’s style.

Let’s look at what you should do with the wig once you take it out of the box now that you know why wigs are packaged in various ways.

Shake the wig with your palm to relax the fibers first.

Use your finger or a picture comb if your wig has curls.

If your wig is straight, you can lightly brush it using a wig brush.

Never brush a wig with a regular brush!

Only use styling equipment made specifically for wigs; otherwise, you risk damaging the wig.

Your wig will begin to fill out and display what you want as you play with it using your fingers, a picture comb, or a wig brush.

Get ready for natural hair

You need to have your hair ready before wearing a wig.

You’ll need to apply a wig eyeliner if your hair is sparsely or completely hairless in order to keep your wig secure.

Just comb your short hair back and away from your face if you have short hair.

If you have longer hair, secure it with a hair clip and curl a section of it flat.

To prevent bumps, spread them evenly across your head.

Wig pads can hold hair of any length, thus they are still advised for persons with hair.

Put your wig on.

Time to put your wig on.

To wear a wig, just adhere to these easy steps:

step 1

With both hands, secure the label’s location behind the wig.

The head is cocked slightly forward.

You’ll move back and forth while sporting a wig.

Step 2

Wear a wig by placing the front over your brows, exactly like you would a shower hat. Put the wig on your head properly by rocking it back and forth.

Step 3

The front of the wig should be pushed back until it is just below your own hairline.

Do not hide them; instead, position the wigs in the middle with the ears on both sides in front of your ears.

Put the falling hair in the wig once it is cozy.

Use the adjustable Velcro behind the wig to modify the fit if it seems too tight or too loose on your head.

The circumference of this wig’s sides can be adjusted for comfort.

Case in point: lace front wig

front-laced wig

You should take extra measures if you have previously purchased a lace front wig because you can wear it on your head.

The face-lifting hairdo that the front lace wig cap is intended for frequently exposes the front hairline.

Be very careful when wearing a wig to prevent tearing of the ultra-fine monofilament fabric on the front of the wig cap.

Put the front of the wig on and cover your eyebrows.

Do not fold or bend the front hairline.

When situating the hat once it has completely covered your head, take care not to stretch the fine lace monofilament along the hairline.

With a wig on, you can style your hair anyway you choose.

Keep in mind to only use wig-specific style equipment and products, such as mousse and hair spray.

Wigs instead of natural hair products can harm your new buy.

Wig manufacturers provide some excellent products to maintain and style your wigs.

It’s crucial to maintain your wig if you want it to appear longer.

Welcome to read more Hair Wigs blogs for more details about wig maintenance.