Star Shower laser light

Get rid of the customary Christmas lights that are hung. They become twisted, and the bulbs are prone to breaking or failing. With the incredible starlight laser projector, transform your environment from gloomy to brilliant. You can either click once to instantly freeze the stars in place as you watch them dance. Place the extra-long stake in your yard, click, and thousands of green and red stars will explode into action. You can also bring the stars inside to light up a party. The Star Shower laser light motor produces shimmering patterns of lovely light, and the key is the weatherproof laser design that projects holographic stars. Utilize Star Shower Motion to light up your house.

It is safe. – Star Shower Motion Specs. There is no need for any dangerous, unstable scaffolding, ladders, or even risky hanging wood lamps.
thorough coverage is offered.
It resists the elements. Effective both inside and outside.
The light sensor activates at night and deactivates during the day.
Choose from green or red laser lights, or all green.
consists of a base and a long stake.
Bulb has a Class 3R classification and uses less than 5mW.
You may put an end to your wintertime ritual of using ladders and pounding nails into external walls to hang countless yards of conventional lights by replacing it with the Star Shower laser light. Upon turning them on, a few of the bulbs were discovered to be dead. These laser lights have a long lifespan.

It’s important to note that these lights might not seem particularly bright when you first turn them on. However, this only indicates that they need to warm up; it does not imply that they are not at work. When using the lights for the first time, turn them on and wait up to 5 minutes before using them again to witness the difference. The projector also remembers the settings, so they will be on your favourite setting the next time you turn them on.

Two laser modes and a “Magic Motion” button on the Star Shower laser light projector make the stars come to life. It is weatherproof, as was already indicated, and the projected beams extend over 3,200 feet. Last but not least, the projector is energy-efficient and uses about 90% less electricity.