CISON New Power Gasoline V8 Small Block Series Engine Model

For the past five years, China’s model engine market has been expanding quickly, and the diyenginemodel team has been lucky to capitalize on this trend. Products are available these days, and new competitors are always entering the market. How can we help and maintain our position as the industry leaders? Our largest issue these days is when a single supplier looks to models created by numerous peers for breakthroughs.

We have given this problem a lot of thought this year, and as a result, we have greatly improved the design of this year’s main new items. Thus, we decided to work on this revolutionary new product under top secret while working with suppliers during the development phase. In the early stages of research and development, little information was released, and the cost of the prototype alone was 5W+. Everything is now set up and prepared for publication.

At the end of October, these two engines—which have distinct structural designs—will be launched simultaneously. To the maximum extent possible, the design concept will recreate the appearance of the actual engine. The term “prototype” refers to the traditional small block series that have been a part of American V8 engine history for the whole time. Regardless of design restoration, this is also the best model engine in China (not overseas for the time being). The manufacturing process and quality control are carried out with the highest integrity.

V8 of Flathead variant

Model: diyenginemodel CISON New Power Gasoline V8 Small Block Series Engine

Version V8 above

Model: diyenginemodel CISON New Power Gasoline V8 Small Block Series Engine

Model: diyenginemodel CISON New Power Gasoline V8 Small Block Series Engine

Emphasized attributes:

The ohv version restores traditional colors with fine electrophoretic paint.

Wear-resistant, high-angle, and hardened cam

Make the intake valve bigger (in comparison to the exhaust valve).

Support camshaft with five points to get ready for valve springs with a high hardness

Lubrication system (crankshaft, connecting rod piston, oil pump splash lubrication cam; rocker arm forced lubrication system with rocker arm lubricating oil return cylinder hole, oil pan with oil dipstick) can be placed on an OHV.

Crankshaft with five completely supported points

Strong, resilient, and toughened connecting rod

Two piston rings made of cast iron (oil rings optional)

Distributor (high performance cdi frequency 42000) is the ignition mechanism.

Installation location of the oil filter element in the cylinder block

OHV variant optional four-hole carburetor

Not required generator

A low-temperature intake pipe is specifically made to make sure that the engine output is not impacted by the temperature of the intake manifold.

A higher accuracy guarantee for engine power is provided by the high-precision five-axis CNC processing of the cylinder blocks, which allows for repeatable positioning of 0.005mm.

The following technical specifications apply to both the V8 overhead and flathead versions:

One side cylinder is approximately 95 mm long.

The cylinder’s overall length is roughly 100 mm.

About a 1:6 engine ratio is used.

About 44cc is the displacement.

18.5 bore size, 20.5 stroke

1500–10000 rpm is the design speed range (the top speed of the OHV and flathead versions differs).

About 4.8 ps of power