Crave – G-Spot Vibrator With Rotating Head – A Better Step Toward Sexual Pleasure

People often search for different things to spice up their sex life, whether it is solo sex called masturbation or having intercourse with a partner. Crave – g-spot vibrator with a rotating head would be the perfect sex toy to spice up your sex life. This type of vibrator is designed to tease your g-spot and give you pleasure and excitement. A vibrator is very helpful and safe to use during masturbation; you don’t have to use your fingers to masturbate; the vibrator will do that for you while lying down on the bed. A vibrator makes your life easy and helps you find new spots that turn you on.

 If you are new in the realm of vibrators or new to using g-spot vibrators, then crave – g-spot vibrator with rotating head would be an ideal choice for you. This is even used by experts and reviewed as the best to provide great sexual pleasure and make your sex life exciting by hitting directly on the g-spot.

A Complete Description

This is one of the most sensational vibrators on the market, which have the ability to drive you crazy. It is made up of soft silicone, approved by medical science, and it is a rod-like structure with a little curve at the end. The curve at the end is a rotating motor that hits the g-spot to provide continuous sensational pleasure. The arms of the vibrator also provide massage to the clitoris. So it is like a double mechanism to provide you with intense and deep pleasure.

What are the exciting Characteristics?

Recharge and battery: – One of the biggest aspects of a vibrator is powerful batteries; anyone doesn’t wish to ruin their fun between sexual activity or masturbation. The sex toy comes with powerful batteries which can last long enough to satisfy user needs, and you can recharge it again with a charger that is included in the box of the vibrator.

Waterproofing: – Waterproof vibrators are in demand because many people have fantasies of having fun underwater or while bathing in a shower or bathtub. You can take a lot of time in the shower while masturbating.

Remote control: – Crave – g-spot vibrator with rotating head is a fully remote-control device. One can control the rotation and speed of the vibrator according to their need without touching the vibrator. You can also give control to your partner to tease you from distance. Having a remote while masturbating makes it so easy; you can easily have an orgasm while lying on the bed.

Assets and Liabilities of having crave – g-spot vibrator with rotating head

1.      The sex toy contains 2 motors; one is for rotation of the rotating head, and the other serves a much greater purpose of simulating the g-spot and c-spot simultaneously. This sensational motor comes with nine different types of vibrations that you can set to low or high frequency. You can choose according to your hunger of having pleasure. High frequency often leads to fast ejaculation, while low frequency provides sweet simulation. However, the sound of the vibration motor is very slow no one can hear it; you can have pleasure anywhere and anytime, for example, while at the office, traveling on public transport, and many more.

2.      G-spot vibrator is compact in size and wearable, which means you can carry it inside your vagina and can have fun while working at the office or home, or while eating in a restaurant. Apart from this, many sexual couples have fantasies of giving challenges to each other, like masturbating in public without showing facile expressions and this kind of kinks. This product is ideal for them because it is wearable and has no vibration sounds.

3.       Crave – g-spot vibrator with a rotating head can also be connected to a mobile phone with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can easily turn on and off your vibrator anytime with the help of a mobile phone. Using a vibrator remote in public can lead to embarrassment, but with the help of a mobile phone, one can access every single feature of the vibration motor, even in public.

4.      Masturbating with the help of this sex toy helps you to relieve stress as it provides the best masturbation experience by hitting the g-spot. Masturbation helps to stimulate endorphins and dopamine in your body, which works as a stress buster and often leads to better sleep at night.

5.      This vibrator is specially designed to hit the g-spot and can be penetrable sometimes. Some females do not prefer hard experiences, and they can be painful. Moreover, hitting the g-spot make women cum, and some women do not prefer to squirt or ejaculate. However, if you love to get penetrated hard and love to ejaculate, this is the product you will like the most. It provides intense and deep pleasure during masturbation.

How to use?

If you are trying to masturbate for the first time or using a g-spot vibrator for the first time, putting the vibrator directly into the vagina can be painful. Instead, try to open the vagina by rubbing your hands over it. After that, try to insert a finger into the opening of the vagina and move it in the direction of your stomach; any swollen or hard part in the vagina is most likely to be a g-spot. Once you know where your g-spot or vagina is capable of holding the vibrator, you are good to go with crave – g-spot vibrator with a rotating head.

This sex toy is slightly curved; you must use it carefully and put it slowly into your g spot in the direction of your belly bottom. Some positions are best for vibrators to hit the g-spot properly and easily, such as doggy style and the gee-shell.


How long can I use it?

Ans. Using it for 20-25 minutes is enough, but you may also use it for 1 hour if it suits you.

Can I use it only for the clitoris?

Ans. This is a g-spot vibrator, but you can use it for the clitoris by not inserting it inside your vagina.